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The astronomical observatory of the University of Jaén is located at the top of the Higher Polytechnic School building (A3 building, Campus de Las Lagunillas). It is mainly used for public outreach activities and practices for students of Astronomy. Occasionally, it has been used for some research activities. Under the 4-meter Ash Dome a Meade motorized telescope with an aperture of 25 cm (10"), equipped with CCD cameras and a filter wheel. There is a multipurpose room on the floor just below the dome, which can be used for classes, seminars and public talks. Both the interior of the dome and the image taken by the telescope can be projected on a screen in this multipurpose room, which is very useful when an astronomical observation is being carried out for an audience of several tenths of people, who can see what the telescope "sees" in real time and how the astronomers work. Outside, just by the dome, there is a CCD camera wish a fisheye lens with such a sensitivity that allows us to see magnitude 4 stars in raw images, even though the light pollution around the campus is very high. The image of the sky as it is seen from the University of Jaén campus is broadcast live on the Internet.

The geodetic coordinates of the central pillar under the dome were computed in 2004 by means of GPS measures. The data acquisition and the later processing were kindly carried out by Prof. Carlos Enríquez, form the University of Jaén. The results, in the geodetic system WGS84 are:


+37 47' 14.35'' (N)


-003 46' 39.73'' (W)


511.01 m