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Fuentes de Alta Energía en la Galaxia










Pedro L. Luque Escamilla
Josep Martí Ribas
José Martínez Aroza
Estrella Sánchez Ayaso
Jorge A. Combi
Raúl Bautista González
Cintia S. Peri
Enrique Mestre Guillen
Juan Antonio Sandalio


Juan Ramón Sánchez Sutil
Álvaro J. Muñoz Arjonilla
Gustavo E. Romero
J. Facundo Albacete Colombo
Josep M. Paredes Poy
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The group Fuentes de Alta Energía en la Galaxia (Spanish for High-Energy Sources in the Galaxy) was founded in the University of Jaén in 2002 as a research group led by Prof. Josep Martí Ribas and supported by the Plan Andaluz de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación of the Andalusian Government. Our research line is the multi-wavelength study of the high-energy sources in the Galaxy, mainly microquasars and unidentified gamma-ray sources with known counterparts at lower energies. In order to carry out this task, our group is funded by both Andalusian and Spanish Governments.

The group is currently constituted by eight doctors and two PhD students. Six of them work at Andalusian centers: Pedro Luis Luque Escamilla (current responsible for the Research Group) and Josep Martí Ribas, from the University of Jaén; José Martínez Aroza, from the University of Granada; Juan Ramón Sánchez Sutil, from the IES San Juan Bosco de Jaén; and the graduate students at the University of Jaén, Álvaro J. Muñoz Arjonilla and Estrella Sánchez Ayaso. In addition, there are four external collaborators from institutions outside of Andalucía: Gustavo E. Romero and Jorge A. Combi, from the University of La Plata; J. Facundo Albacete Colombo, from the University of Comahue, and Josep María Paredes, from the University of Barcelona.

The group Fuentes de Alta Energía en la Galaxia continues the ancient astronomical tradition in Jaén, that dates back to the times of Abu Abd Allah Muhammad ibn Muadh Al-Jayyani, an astronomer who lived in Jaén between the 10th and 11th centuries A. D., where he worked as a judge. Al-Jayyani observed a very long solar eclipse that occurred on July 1, 1079. Al-Jayyani's most important contributions to Astronomy were the first treatise on spherical trigonometry in history, that were later used by Regiomontanus, and the Tabulae Jahen, some tables with astronomical measurements on the meridian that passes through Jaén. He also made contributions to Mathematics, Hydraulics and the theory of sunrises and sunsets.